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One of the aims of LIFE Anthropofens is to share the knowledge and experience acquired in our work over the past six years with people involved in fens and with the general public.

Sharing and promoting knowledge is one of LIFE's missions. This requires governance and communications involving a wide, representative panel of players and users of peatland. The different themes and work groups will involve representatives of the participants concerned, helping to make the LIFE project part of an integrating and integrated approach to the reality of our regions.

The planned initiatives will add to and be included in already existing networks. The operations undertaken as part of the LIFE project will aim to be easily replicable and transferable elsewhere. The information will be shared and made available in a wide range of media, including this website and our Facebook page. We will be publishing videos, newletters, information leaflets, etc.

The LIFE project's actions will focus on boosting the knowledge and skills of everyone involved in fen habitats. Training in peatland eco-hydrology will be developed in order to provide those involved with a new approach to complement the existing ones.

A methodological guide to the scientific and technical protocols that have been applied over the past six years in the LIFE project and four technical guides ("Water Management and Conservation of Alkaline Fens", "Managing Alkaline Fens Within a Cynegetic Framework", "Integrated Management of Peat Habitats" and "Peatland Pasturing") will also be developed.

Technical workshops and day-long events with the people involved in fen habitats will be organised around two central themes: "water-river-fens" and "managing the dynamic of habitats and their mosaic landscapes".

Alongside studies and monitoring of pasturing and initiatives to restore pasture land in alkaline fen environments, the LIFE Anthropofens project will help existing initiatives to share results within networks concerned with wetland farming.

Sharing and promoting the knowledge and experiences of the LIFE project will also be a chance to discover peatland areas in Hauts-de-France and Wallonia through a range of media and activities.

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